Meet the contributor: Kim Boog-Penman

Please tell us a bit about yourself and the Bird Of Prey Hospital (BOPH). BOPH Facebook page

BOPH was inspired by travel in Africa where the wildlife conservation for so many species is relentless. Yet here on our doorstep we too have failing species, often a result of manmade interruption, so began a 5 year journey that now sees us recording local Barn Owl brood and nursing injured or orphaned raptors back to the wild.  Passion for Wildlife and Nature is a gift, so the journey via falconry training and almost 2 years of volunteering, topped up with a Bird of Prey Diploma and an insatiable appetite to learn more about how and why UK nature may struggle, has us pouring hundreds of voluntary hours into doing our bit to help. 

How did you hear about the PBMS? 

Often casualties are too sick and don't make it, so this prompted a search for research! Delighted to find PBMS, we are offered the opportunity to preserve the wonderful raptors we find, then pass them easily on for professional exploration. It really helps our process to understand the overall health and / or injury of deceased Birds of Prey.

How and where do you find most of the birds that you submit? 

We are more often informed of injured or orphaned birds via vet clinics, RSPCA or direct from the public, though some don’t make it, often direct injury or shock will mean that time is critical to offer support and care. For some it can be too much trauma or the injuries fatal.

Do you have any tips for anyone thinking of submitting birds to the PBMS? 

We would recommend spreading the word about PBMS as we believe that it is a vital and important resource. Essentially, it broadens the view of the health of our species, which helps deliver more educated outcomes. Plus PBMS make it so simple to get involved and forward specimens, they seem a really great bunch!

What is your favourite bird of prey? 

Impossible to favour one species, The Barn Owl is stunning and Red Kite superb, yet for me the Kestrel and Little Owl gets my top vote, am in awe of these delicate birds and moved by their spirit, they really are special.

Juvenile little owl and kestrel courtesy of BOPH

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