Profile of Charlotte Chandler a student volunteering with the PBMS

Charlotte is a student at Lancaster University and is currently helping Elaine by volunteering with the PBMS. She has written a profile for us which we share with you below:
Image of Charlotte Chandler
I currently study Bsc Ecology and Conservation at Lancaster University and I am in my second year. Conservation has always been important to me and since the age of about 14 I knew that it was something I wanted to do in the future. I grew up around animals and watching TV documentaries and have always wanted to get involved with research projects in order to make a real difference to conservation.  Now more than ever I want to complete my degree and get involved with conservation projects. At A-level I studied photography along with biology and geography and in the future I hope to incorporate photography into my work with conservation to raise awareness about the current conservation issues in a way that the public can engage with and understand in a visual way.

Volunteering with the Predatory Monitoring Scheme has given me a unique insight into conservation in real life. It has allowed me to see the dedication of staff involved in the project and their commitment to the programme. To be able to see the project at all stages of the process from posting the boxes out, to receiving the birds back and finally the post-mortems has been truly amazing. I have been lucky enough to get involved with the data collection from the post mortems, archiving the huge range of eggs as well as learning a great deal about predatory bird physiology and their threats. I cannot wait to see what else I will learn when volunteering with the PBMS. 

How can you help?

If you find a dead bird of prey telephone us (01524 595830) or Contact us and see the How to send us a dead bird page.