How to send us a dead bird

If you find a dead bird of prey, please telephone 01524 595830 or: contact us. We will send a submission pack (containing everything you need, postage paid) to the address you provide. We will acknowledge receipt of the bird.

If you are unable to collect the bird because you saw it on the motorway or a busy, dangerous road, please contact your local Highways Agency. They may be willing to help. Please do not endanger yourself to collect a dead bird of prey.

For help in recording the grid reference of where you found the bird, please see the YouTube video below.

Have you found a dead otter? Please contact the Otter Project, Cardiff University. Found other roadkill? Please report to Project Splatter- creating a UK map of wildlife roadkill. 

How can you help?

If you find a dead bird of prey telephone us (01524 595830) or Contact us and see the How to send us a dead bird page.