Massive poisoning incident(s) in Kresna George, Bulgaria deals a blow to the recovering Balkan griffon vulture population

Within the last two weeks a total of 8 griffon vultures, and several other animals (wolves, foxes and other raptors), have been found dead in Kresna Gorge (Bulgaria), illegally poisoned. The griffon vultures found dead constitute the bulk of the local breeding population, so their offspring have also probably perished. Unfortunately, the number of poisoned griffons may be even higher, and may surpass 15-20, as before the first dead birds were found there were about 50 griffons in the area, while now there are only 5 to 10. A few days ago, one poisoned wolf was found, which indicates that the poisoning is continuing and there is still danger for the remaining griffon vultures!

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How can you help?

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