Have you heard of Project Splatter. Creating a UK map of wildlife roadkill

What is Project Splatter?

Project Splatter is a research effort to quantify and map wildlife roadkill across the UK

What are Project Splatter’s aims?

1.           Collates data on UK wildlife roadkill reported by the public using social media

2.            Estimate the impact of roads on UK wildlife

3.            Determine which species are most observed as roadkill

4.            Raise awareness of this conservation issue

5.            Ultimately reduce the impact of roads on our UK wildlife

How does Project Splatter work?

Project splatter collates data members of the public send to us on the location of UK wildlife roadkill – birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles. This research is run by members of the public – termed citizen scientists. Members of the public see wildlife roadkill and report to use where, when and what, giving as accurate a location as possible.

Cardiff University turn your sighting into a grid reference and then use GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to map where the roadkill is across the UK, which they then report back to their citizen scientists, see https://projectsplatter.co.uk/

How can you help?

If you find a dead bird of prey telephone us (01524 595830) or Contact us and see the How to send us a dead bird page.